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Dear colleagues, ladies and gentlemen:
Hello everyone!
With the Chinese New Year festive atmosphere, bathed in the rising sun, in the 2010 New Year's Day approaching, I would like on behalf of the company Acciona to struggle hard in different positions of colleagues, friends, and through you to extend your family heartfelt greetings! In the new year, I wish you good health, happiness and family happiness. Over the past year and give my company to help the community friends and partners to express my sincere thanks and extend my most sincere New Year greetings and highest respect!


        In 2009, all employees of a sincere cooperation, work conscientiously, the company completed the established goals, and write a new chapter "Axis" of development. Dedication and selfless help to work with the friends of all the hard work, the company maintained a healthy, stable and sustained development momentum. In the past year, we have experienced the joy of success, but also suffering from the difficult test. We completed the company's current stage of development of many historic breakthrough, and the relocation of the company's historic production, repair and re-establishment of complete PVC Division and Copper Division, the transformation of the internal organizational structure optimization, the company CIS system, and the company's successful implementation of the comprehensive product major issues electronic monitoring code management, so as to better enhance the competitiveness of enterprises so that enterprises to improve efficiency, strengthen management, management base and development potential has been upgraded; in particular, during our moving factory, the staff up and down together, work together, just a little less than seven days, the full completion of the relocation plan, created a miracle in the industry; this year also successfully won the "safe city construction recommended excellent security products," the title, bring new opportunities for the next year to open up the market! In 2009, we successfully won the "Guangdong Province" award, in order to further enhance the brand influence and social visibility to lay a solid foundation, these achievements are all Axis collective wisdom, sweat and dedication of the crystallization, Axis fully show our people's entrepreneurial spirit and hard work style, is the result of all the staff of unity and cooperation, forge ahead, hard work, and in this, I would like on behalf of the Board of Directors once again to express my heartfelt thanks!


       "Old thousand years already show Kam, continuing into the New Year and then the rod." Colleagues, full of opportunities and challenges for 2010 has been raised sail, a wonderful ring coming in front of us, let us accompany this melodious New Year's bell, join hands, side by side and move forward in the future in 2010 years, we will meet greater challenges and tasks, the company leadership will be more united and pragmatic, more confident. We will follow the company's plan, by creating product advantage, brand and cost advantages, strengthen the development of qualified personnel, increase sales efforts and product innovation, strengthening enterprise management foundation and strengthening basic management, improve management efficiency and staff productivity , effective cost control, and promote the company's business to achieve sustainable and healthy development. I believe that if we unite as one, team work, hard work, "Axis" must be able to make greater achievements toward creating "Axis century brand" steadily towards the goal. In 2010, the company will further reform, promote the diversification of product management, seek more room for development. At the same time, the company human resources strategy to a more important position, efforts to introduce more technology and personnel to provide a broader development stage.


        Colleagues, friends, and now the world's "financial storm" is sweeping us, "Axis" will be tested as never before the storm, but we have the responsibility, have faith "homeland security, a development", we have to grasp the nettle , hand in hand, to meet the challenges of the brave ... Looking goals and development blueprint for 2010, we firmly believe: new year, new hope, new work, through the joint efforts of all staff, the company will be able to Acciona Win , a new leap forward, new glory!


        Finally, once again I wish you a happy New Year and good health, fun!
                                                thank you all!